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Nymphenburg Heart

Jewelry pendant
Patrik Muff, 2011
Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg

With his Treasures-Collection, jewelry designer Patrik Muff travels continents and human history, referencing ancient symbols and their mysterious power.

The heart symbol developed from the depiction of stylized fig leaves and has been a symbol of love for millennia. With time, the manner its depiction has transformed, every century having its own particular presentation. Patrick Muff draws from the baroque interpretation of the heart shape, creating a playful, romantic amulet.

Patrick Muff’s Heart charm is hand-made from white glazed porcelain and equipped with a silver eyelet. It is available in three sizes. We will be happy to provide consulting in our showroom and assist you in finding the perfect model for you.

from € 190,00 up
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Nymphenburg Heart

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