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The Modern Art Chair

Finn Juhl 1948
House of Finn Juhl

When the Museum of Modern Art hosted a competition for Low Cost Furniture Design in 1948, Finn Juhl decided to participate, besides having been known for his elaborately crafted pieces. Instead of turning to intricate wood-work, Juhl started exploring the benefits of synthetic material – its formability, its durability as well as its pleasant feel. From this, the formidable Modern Art Chair arose, a buoyant, interesting chair, which is comfortable and visually stimulating at once.


The Modern Art Chair owes its name to MoMa curator Edgar Kaufmann Jr., a lifelong friend and supporter of Finn Juhl.

The Modern Art Chair is made up of a shell made from polyamide and a steel frame, which may be painted bacl, orange, light blue or light grey. The wooden toes on its front legs may be made from oak, teak or walnut. We will be happy to provide further consultation with regard to choosing the perfect model for your home.

H 77 cm W 70,5 cm D 59,5 cm
Seat Level 46 cm
from € 759,00 up
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The Modern Art Chair

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