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Nymphenburg Koi Tancho Showa

Jewelry pendant
Patrik Muff, 2011
Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg

A long, long time ago, when the Dragon gods were still ruling the land, thousands upon thousands of fish embarked on their voyage to the source of the Yellow River. It was a cumbersome journey, passing innumerable rapids and cascades. Their biggest obstacle, however, was waiting for them at the end: The Dragon gate of the Longmen Falls.
The Dragon gods had observed the fishes’ journey closely and were now watching as one fish after another failed to climb the high falls. After countless jumps, the colorful Koi succeeded and managed to conquer the Longmen-Falls. The Koi’s ambition and strength amazed the gods. As a mark of distinction, they turned him into a celestial golden Dragon.
  With their fabled persistence, Kois embody courage, strength and tenacity in Japanese culture. A person, whose life is under the sign of the Koi, will conquer every obstacle.
With their lifelike, rich markings, Patrik Muffs Kois are not only a traditional symbol, but also a fantastic piece of jewelry.
Patrik Muff’s Kois are hand made from white porcelain and hand painted in four variants (white-yellow, white-red, white-black-red, white-red, black). They are equipped with a silver eyelet. We will be happy to provide consulting in our showroom and assist you in finding the perfect model for you.

L 6 cm W 3 cm H 1,5 cm
€ 380,00
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Nymphenburg Koi Tancho Showa

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