About us


Falkenberg Store opened its doors on Franz-Joseph-Straße in 2011. From time to time, we are amazed at how quickly time has passed and how much has changed. We have remained true to our original idea, even though collections, exhibition areas and our product range have changed.

Our vision was to create an environment that had an open, accessible atmosphere where we could present products that – in our eyes – deserve special attention. We have selected these special treasures personally and arranged them in a way that we hope will be hard to find anywhere in Munich or elsewhere. Established brands meet exciting newcomers, expressive design meets understatement, manufactured products meet entire furnishing series.


In addition to the heart of the store – which is without a doubt the various furniture collections on display – , there are other product groups ranging from from accessories and lamps to delicious sweets, handmade candles, exquisite scents, selected books, vinyl and last but most certainly not least fashion.


Our “Department Store” is meant to offer opportunity for discoveries, from spontaneously picked, little surprise favorites to well-considered investments. If you are interested in any advice or further information on what we have to offer, please do not hesitate to consult us during your visit. Especially when it comes to furniture, there are many ways in which we may be able to spark your creativity and support you in making the right choice for you – we are always happy to contribute our expertise, patterns and visualization skills.


However, it is not only our products and collections which we supplement and update on a regular basis: We have also thought about how to best present them to our customers.


In 2014, we expanded our showroom to include the apartment in Elisabethstraße. With this additional space, we were able to add more exciting collections to our range. We present them in an actual living environment and show possible combinations – a lively and genuine setting that convincingly demonstrates the applicability of the objects.


Three years later, in 2017, we further expanded the original store’s showroom to include several spacious rooms to the back. These rooms also implement the idea of a real living space. Each room is furnished in a way that is tailored to itself and its function and illustrates the combination of selected pieces.


With the additional showrooms, we want to point out how we interpret interior design. In addition to what the store offers, we provide complete interior design concepts for our customers, from consultation to planning and implementation.

From concept store to department store: We have constantly expanded our range since opening.

Falkenberg is also Leandra Falkenberg and Michael Fröschl.

"In our showrooms we present exciting, little-known collections alongside well-known design classics. There are so many great designs that we are excited to showcase."

We will be happy to advise you – whether you are planning a major investment or looking for a small gift. We are looking forward to your visit at Franz-Joseph-Straße.