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Nymphenburg Hippo Mathilda

Porcelain figurine
Emil Manz, 1915
Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg

“This animal has four legs, cloven hoofs like an ox, a snub nose, a horse’s mane and tail, conspicuous tusks, a voice like a horse’s neigh, and is about the size of a very large ox.”,

is how the ancient Greek historian Herodotus describes the hippopotamus in his Histories – it seems quite obvious he never actually saw the animal.

In fact, though, Herodotus could easily have taken a peek at one of the numerous visual representations of the ponderous river-dwellers: These range from rock paintings to ancient Egyptian sculptures to the modern era. In 1915, Emil Manz creates his Hippo Mathilda for Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, capturing the calm, unhurried nature of the animal – thankfully basing his sculpture on a live specimen instead of Herodotus’ dubious description.

Emil Manz’ Hippo Mathilda is hand made from white bisque porcelain. We will be happy to provide consulting in our showroom with regard to this unique piece.

L 25 cm H 12 cm W 10 cm
€ 780,00
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Nymphenburg Hippo Mathilda

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