In order to ensure that good advice is followed by good results, the intermediate step of planning is key. Only when quality and functionality match up, beauty becomes enjoyment.

Colors and materials must be seen in the original to make the right choice.

A perfect whole is created through single pieces fitting together harmoniously.


The effect of a room is determined by many factors. Working closely with our clients, we draw as accurate a picture as possible during the planning process. That way, we can be confident in making the right choices on behalf of our clients.


How can the floor plan be used optimally or optimized? How can light be used effectively? Which mood in terms of wall color and furniture is comfortable? Are there special materials, techniques or coverings that may accentuate the overall impression? Which furniture is beautiful and functional? Which covers, curtains and carpets can top off the ensemble? Is there a special object that may add a personal touch?


During the planning phase, we can rely on a strong network of specialists that has grown over the years. They advise, help to develop detailed solutions, and guarantee feasibility.


In this phase, schedules and the budget also become more concrete. In an open exchange, adjustments can be made to ensure the project is transparent and right.


Mood boards and visualizations help to evaluate the proportions and interaction of the individual elements with ease. The love and detailed planning we invest in this phase pays off many times over.


A convincing result, a room which you feel comfortable in for a long time, can only be achieved through a well thought-out and comprehensive concept. Extensions and additions may also be integrated convincingly at a later point in time. This creates a living environment of long-term quality – timeless, personal and modular, ever-evolving alongside its residents.