Through long-term partners, heaps of passion and an open communication, we realize the projects reliably and with love – down to the smallest detail.

Did you recognize it? As discreetly as ever, Farrow & Ball’s Strong White stays in the background, leaving the front of the stage to the furnishing of the room.

The finishing touch is added to every room by the styling.


Knowing and being able to coordinate the right experts has never been so important as it is today. The technical implementation must meet highest standards and demand as well as deadline pressure have increased. With professional project management, you can conquer possible challenges that arise during implementation in a relaxed manner.


Knowing and being able to coordinate experts right for the job has never been as crucial as it is today. The technical implementation needs to be able to meet the highest standards. Furthermore, being able to meet a deadline is as important as ever. Thanks to professional project management, one may calmly tackle and overcome challenges that might arise during the implementation of a project.

Reliability, a great talent for communication and management skills are required. Not everything goes exactly according to plan with more comprehensive projects. Therefore, it is even more important to accompany the process with great commitment, keeping it on schedule with a lot of flexibility and cultivating communication in all directions. This service is one of our most important tasks, as we are quite aware of the fact that our consulting and planning is measured by the success of the implementation.


There is no “important” or “less important” when it comes to the realization: Of course, the eye-catching work has to be accurate, but especially the hidden work, which is only visible at a second glance, can tip the scale in terms of the overall quality of a project. Professional execution guarantees you will enjoy the result for a long time.


Our network covers the best craftsmen for sewing and upholstery, furniture construction, carpentry, electrical installations, wallpapering, painting and bricklaying, floor coverings, assembly and much more. A dedicated and experienced team is looking forward to making your personal dream space for living, working or accommodating become reality.