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Scented Candle Gizeh

Scented Candle
Cire Trudon

For Christmas, Cire Trudon brings ancient Egypt back to life.

Cire Trudon celebrates the festive season with three exclusive scents.


The scented candle Gizeh is part of this exclusive collection. The Pyramids of Gizeh are the only surviving of the seven wonders of the ancient world and they are among the oldest buildings in the world.


With their sublime architecture, they have always fascinated mankind. The best pure wax forms the basis of this scented candle, so that cedar and cashmere wood, musk and patchouli with birch, roasted chestnut, gourmand notes and moss can develop to the utmost.


The handcrafted glass, of which the inside of is golden and shines on the outside in fresh water green, is a wonderful piece of jewel, which makes you feel like going to this beautiful season!


270 gr
€ 75,00
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Scented Candle Gizeh

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