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Stay healthy

…which will probably be the most important thing to wish our fellow human beings at the moment. We, too, are impacted by the pandemic: We need to and naturally want to contribute to keeping the number of infections at a low level. Our store will therefore remain closed for the time being. Please see below for an overview of how we will continue being there for you in the meantime.

03-2020 / Inspiration

Donna Wilson’s Bear might pout, we, most certainly, do not! We would, however, not have imagined in our wildest dreams that the consequences of a worldwide crisis would interfere with our day-to-day in the way it has. But if we are able to join forces in stopping the spread of the pandemic, take proper care of the afflicted, and buy some time, we will hopefully soon be able to delight ourselves in the adorably sourpussed cuddly toy. Maybe even a little more than before!

Our store will remain closed for the time being. We close with a heavy heart, but it is indubitably the necessary and right thing to do. Regardless, we are here for you! When we opened up, we deliberately decided against being an online-store, as we would be missing the thing that matters most to us: the direct contact to you, our estimated customers. Due to social distancing, we are challenged with finding new ways of providing our usual service to you.


Ordering is possible via telephone or e-mail. We are happy to ship – swiftly, with no fuss – and to consult you through a personal telephone call, with photos, layouts, and digital folders, in short any kind of electronic backing that helps you find exactly what you need. Naturally, this does not only extend to our products, but also our Interior Design services.


Please contact us directly, we are looking forward to your call and will find an individual solution for you. After all, we would like to demonstrate that this is one of the strengths we have as an owner-managed shop.


And sometimes, when things get tough, a little (or large) gift for ourselves or our loved ones works wonders – it’s worth a try!


With the kindest regards,

Sabine Falkenberg

FOTOS: © Julia Rotter/Falkenberg
TEXT: © Falkenberg