Christmas Inspiration Cire Trudon Scented Candle Philae


For Christmas, Cire Trudon brings ancient Egypt back to life.

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12-2018 / Inspiration

Cire Trudon celebrates the festive season with three exclusive scents.

The scented candle Philae is part of this exclusive collection. The largest of three islands in the Egyptian Nile Valley housed the temple of the goddess Isis and has always been a place of pilgrimage for the ancient Egyptians. Isis and the sun were worshiped there as life-giving women.


Vetiver and Labdanum form the basis of this mystical fragrance composition, allowing papyrus and cedarwood to unfold to finally reveal delicate notes of pepper. We love the mysterious freshness of this fragrance!


The handcrafted glass, of which the inside is golden and shines on the outside in fine taupe, is a wonderful piece of jewel, which makes you feel like going to this beautiful season!


270 g € 75,00

FOTOS: ©Cire Trudon
TEXT: ©Falkenberg